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Interlocking Paver Design & Installation in Denver, CO

Interlocking Pavers

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Interlocking pavers are the best hardscape choice for our expansive soils and freeze thaw cycles here in Colorado. They are the perfect choice for Driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks. The choice of numerous color options, sizes, textures and dimensions make it possible to create a simple pattern or the ability to add intricate design. There are literally endless options to the possibilities of design utilizing interlocking pavers for your hardscape design.

Interlocking Pavers

Interlocking pavers are extremely durable and hold up to our harsh soil and weather conditions better than other hardscape options. Pavers won’t crack like concrete. Concrete whether it is gray, colored, or patterned (stamped) and colored is going to crack. Concrete is also susceptible to heaving and settling due to the bentonite clay found in our soils. Pavers are stronger than concrete with a psi rating of 8000 or better. Poured concrete is typically at most 4000 psi so pavers are at least twice as strong as concrete. What this means is it takes at least 8000 pounds per square inch to break a paver. Pavers are also less absorbent than concrete which helps with our freeze thaw cycles. Part of the proper process of paver installation is the base excavation of the bentonite expanding soils and replacing them with aggregates that provide a more solid base. We will explain the entire excavation and construction process in detail with you.

Easily Repaired Pavers

Pavers are easily repaired compared to other hardscape options that will have to be removed and replaced if damaged or when they deteriorate. A great example of one of the benefits of pavers is the fact that they can be removed and put back in place. In the event you would have to repair or replace subsurface utilities pavers can be removed, set aside, and put back into place after the utility repair. Concrete would need to be cut out, removed, and replaced with newly poured concrete. This also comes into play if there is a need to repair pavers. All that is needed is to remove the settled area of pavers re-solidify the base and re-install the pavers. Concrete once it heaves or settles needs to be replaced.

Driveway Pavers

Pavers are an excellent choice for driveways or other hardscapes that will need snow removed. Pavers are level side to side and the construction of the paver allows for snowblades and blowers to slide easily across the surface. Pavers are also colored and tend to soak the radiant rays from the sun to help with the thawing process. Snow melt systems can also be installed under the pavers which would make snow removal from your desired areas maintenance free. Please ask your design consultant about the benefits of a snow melt system.

Add Property Value

Pavers also add to your property value. Concrete patios, driveways, steps, and walks are a necessary norm. The addition of a beautiful paver entrance or driveway to your property gives you a refreshing new look to your home that screams CURB APPEAL. Paver walks, patios, and pool decks give a custom and inviting pop to your outdoor living area. Besides getting a great return on your investment, pavers add an invaluable addition to the way you will entertain.

Maintenance Free

Pavers are as close to maintenance free as a hardscape can be. Stamped and colored concrete involves regular maintenance. Regular sealing of the stamped and colored concrete suggested yearly is necessary. There is no need to seal pavers. Pavers are a very safe choice as they are textured to provide a non-slip, non-skid surface wet or dry. Contrarily, stamped and colored concrete is slippery when wet.

Call Plant It Earth for All Your Paver Needs

Plant It Earth is clearly the most creative installer of interlocking pavers for patios, walks, home entrances, driveways, pool decks, and steps. Our process meets or exceeds industry standards and are warranties and guarantees are industry leading. Don’t wait as our schedule fills quickly. Call now to speak with our designers.

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